Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nine Muses to release first studio album on October 14!

The official Twitter account of Nine Muses announced that the girls' will be making their comeback on October 14!  

Along with attaching the photo above, the tweet mentioned that they will be returning with their first full album 'PRIMA DONNA' and the comeback song will be titled, "Gun."

Stay tuned for more information on this new album and definitely be excited to see what these amazing girls will have in store for you in October!  Meanwhile, check out the tracklist  for all eleven songs below.

1. Prima Donna
2. Gun (title track)
3. 세치혀 (Rumor)
4. A Few Good Man
5. Last Scene
6. 천생여자
7. 미스 에이전트 (Miss Agent)
8. Time's Up
9. 몰라몰라 (I Don't Know Why)
10. 핑 (Ping)
11. 아님 말구

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