Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nine Muses to release first studio album on October 14!

The official Twitter account of Nine Muses announced that the girls' will be making their comeback on October 14!  

Along with attaching the photo above, the tweet mentioned that they will be returning with their first full album 'PRIMA DONNA' and the comeback song will be titled, "Gun."

Stay tuned for more information on this new album and definitely be excited to see what these amazing girls will have in store for you in October!  Meanwhile, check out the tracklist  for all eleven songs below.

1. Prima Donna
2. Gun (title track)
3. 세치혀 (Rumor)
4. A Few Good Man
5. Last Scene
6. 천생여자
7. 미스 에이전트 (Miss Agent)
8. Time's Up
9. 몰라몰라 (I Don't Know Why)
10. 핑 (Ping)
11. 아님 말구

BPPOP releases 'Never Ever Let Me Go' MV

BPPOP have returned with "Never Ever Let Me Go"! 

The rookie group has taken on a more lovely look compared to the bright, girly image they've been known for. According to their agency, they've ditched their cute image to complement a sad RnB beat song with bittersweet lyrics. 
"Never Ever Let Me Go" was composed by Kim Son Yub and Lee Sang Min, who are the creators behind the hit song by Japanese girl group AKB48 "Yaritagariya sa". Guitarist Ham Choon Ho is also featured in the track. 

Fans should look forward to the ballet choreography for the track as well. Watch the "Never Ever Let Me Go" MV up top!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ex- After School Leader Kahi Releases Image Teaser For Her Second Solo Mini Album 'Who Are You?'

It's been a while since we heard something about the Ex-After School member Kahi. Good to know that Kahi fans will be seeing her soon with her new 2nd solo mini album  'Who Are You?' . 
Stay tuned for more updates! 

T-ara unveils teaser image for their up coming comeback with title track 'Number 9'

The 3 posters show T-ara making their way through the desert as the sun sets, hinting on their sexy and laid back concept this time around. The poster shows the title, "Number 9", which is the name of their upcoming title track which will be released along with their album on October 10th. 

Stay tuned for their video teaser which will help solve the mystery behind the "Number 9" on the 26th!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nine Muses are “WILD” for their ‘M! Countdown’ comeback stage

Nine Muses have brought sexy back with their “WILD” comeback!
The ladies just released the comeback track, and now they’re finally back on ‘M! Countdown‘! The girls stole hearts and gazes with their outfits, choreography, and amazing song.
Take a deep breath, and get ready to be driven wild below!

Nine Muses Makes a comeback with Music Video Wild

Nine Muses are here to drive you “WILD“ with the release of their new mini album of the same name and the music video for the title track!
The muses have been building up quite a bit of excitement with their sexy photos with the black, red, and white color scheme, and also gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect through a video teaser.
The wait’s over and the nine ladies have returned to give you the full look, so get ready to go ‘wild’ as you check out the MV below!

Spotlight (Intro)

Paper Scraps

Living Person